Masters - Where to Swim

Looking for a Masters Swim club or sessions in London?

Our Google Map shows  where London Masters Cubs swim - there  are quite a few (80+) clubs in the London area with Masters swimmers - so you should be able to find one.

To search for a Swimming Club by Name then please click on the Google Maps reveal legend icon google map slider on the map below:


If you wish to view the Google Map as a seperate web page click here

If you click on a pool, a window will pop up with the club and pool details.

In London, everyone's locations, commuting path and degrees of time/location flexibility are all a little bit different.  So, hopefully this map will help you browse through the options.

For example - you are looking for a club in the Romford area, it would appear that Romford Town SC might be your best bet.  However, sometimes it also depends upon where you work, your commute and any bus/tube routes.

You might also consider the Swim England Swimfit programme, which should be available at your local pool.  This programme is very helpful for Masters swimmers who aren’t ready quite yet to join a Masters club.

Once you find a club and make contact, they will be able to offer up to 3 free sessions each as a trial before they ask you to join. This is to help you decide if the club is for you or if you would prefer to try somewhere else.

If you do not want to join a club but would prefer to just improve your fitness through swimming then the Swim England Swimfit program may be for you, You can find more information about the Swim England Swimfit programme at: