Wavepower 2016-19

Protecting children and vulnerable adults
Wavepower 2016–19 is the latest Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures publication which replaces all previous versions. It has been produced to assist in safeguarding and protecting children in our sport and must be adopted by all ASA affiliated clubs and organisations.
This publication will be fully updated in 2020, but if any new guidance or policy changes are released prior to this, then pages will be updated or added to the following section of the website here. This page is also where you can download each section of the Wavepower 2016-19 document.

Guidance on VAT charges on facility hire

The VAT charged by pool operators on the hire of swimming pools and associated facilities is a significant cost for many ASA swimming clubs.
Following correspondence by the ASA with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), HMRC has agreed that under certain circumstances the hire of swimming facilities by clubs and regional bodies will be exempt from VAT.
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